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The magazine for those who love a Great Golf Vacation!

The anticipation. The planning. The excitement of heading off for that perfect golf vacation. A weekend road trip to the coast, the desert, the mountains. A two-week dream trip to an exotic destination overseas.

Certainly no other sport reaches an audience of sophisticated, well-heeled individuals the way golf does. Golf is not just a spectator sport on the weekends, it is an expression of one’s lifestyle and an all consuming passion. The beauty of golf lies in the fact that, young and old, men and women, people of all backgrounds can meet and participate in this unique game. But most of all, unlike other sports, golf and travel are intrinsically related. It is no coincidence that golfers are frequent travelers, and that they have very specific and refined tastes when it comes to their lifestyle needs.

For this group of aficionados, there is Golf Vacations Magazine.

While golf is the inspiration for their travels, our readers know that life does not stop after the 18th hole. Boutique hotels to grand resorts, golf equipment, rejuvenating spas, fine wine and dining, fashion, entertainment, fairway real estate, arts and culture — they are all part of the ideal golf vacation mix — and it’s all covered in

Golf Vacations Magazine

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