A true electronic golf scorecard that takes advantage of current technology and yet is easy to use like a paper scorecard has finally arrived for those that take their smart phones to the course.

The 80BREAKR™ golf app is the only app on the market that looks and works like a paper scorecard–but incorporates everything the latest mobile devices can do for you. It’s ease-of-use lets golfers focus on their game, instead of the app. Without any annoying screen changes, it now features one-tap score entry and an at-a-glance screen, including score, competition, betting and GPS distance to the center of the green.

Almost every golf course in the world can be loaded into the electronic scorecard on the app that is available for iPhone and Android devices, and the app is free with paid add-ons that can enhance the experience.

It can also keep your statistics to be used later for game improvement, such as fairways hit, greens, putts, short-game and slice/hook scoring. It can also give you real time scoring and betting information if you are competing with friends.

The app also allows you to quickly post to your USGA handicap and features no-touch GPS at a glance and a “Beer Me” button to order from the beverage cart at your favorite course.  Coming later this year is voice-input scoring and a live leaderboard for larger competitions. The 80BREAKR™ golf app is FREE and is chock-full of benefits!  It features GPS distance to the center of the green, automatic and real-time calculation of skins, Nassau, and skills games, and a handicap service that posts automatically.

“We are very excited to get all these improvements into the 80BREAKR™ app over a couple of official releases,” said Thomas Stewart, President and Developer of the 80BREAKR golf app.  “We are surprised by the high adoption rate of the 80BREAKR™ app by golfers so early in the season, as well as by golf courses looking to boost revenue and profit for 2018.”

Stewart is a mechanical engineer with 24 U.S. patents for high-end computer design across three high-tech Silicon Valley companies. He’s led teams of engineers to deliver high-quality computer designs on time and on schedule. The 80BREAKR app was born out of frustration with other apps and a desire to finally break 80 for an 18-hole round–and he used his engineering design skills to create the best golf scorecard app.   

A perfectionist, Stewart is looking for constant improvement with the app and now has a GPS flyover of every hole that shows the hole’s graphics and has a shot-distance tool.  Fewer buttons and inputs are his goal with each upgrade of the program, and a one-time sign-in for every device is part of the latest version.

Finally, 80BREAKR is releasing an update that keeps your scorecards seamlessly and securely on their server. This is very convenient for golfers who can use their phone one day to keep score, an iPad or tablet the next, then go back to their phone after that. All the while, all scorecards are accessible from any device.

To learn more and for the free download visit: www.80breakr.com


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