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Probably no group of sporting aficionados is as fervent about expressing their individuality as golfers—be it in the clothing that they wear or their equipment and the bags and protective covering for their clubs.

Innovative and designer headcovers for woods have evolved over the years, but a relative new company out of Louisville, Kentucky, called Cuddle Clones has taken golf club covers to a new level with their custom-made, exact replicas that are skillfully produced by the company.  These life-like clones are a one-of-a-kind cover for your driver or three-wood and are sure to be the talk of your foursome. The pet’s name is even sown into the inside of the cover.

The covers are hand-made from the finest plush materials and crafted to look just like your pet—and we mean just like it!  The detail and craftmanship is remarkable as the company will utilize eight or nine photos of your furry companion for their artists to create a life-like headcover model (which is sent for final approval) and then fashioned into the finished product with lifelike features and fur.  The only thing it doesn’t do is bark.

Cuddle Clones captures all the physical details and personality traits of a pet in stuffed-animal form, and the company takes extreme care in making their products life-like and capturing your pet’s unique look.  In addition to golf head covers, which are sure to turn heads on the range or at the course, the company also makes an entire gamut of life-like custom replicas such as custom tee shirts, blankets, phone cases, coffee mugs, holiday stockings and even slippers! These make great holiday gifts—or gifts for any occasion.  Orders take about five weeks.

Cuddle Clones also donates 10% of all profits to organizations that help animals in need—so all purchases go to help a worthy cause.

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