Live View Golf Digital Swing Mirror

One of the more unique and useful tools to hit the market recently to improve one’s golf game very quickly is not a new club or golf ball.  It is one of the smallest digital cameras on the market today and its accompanying software that can make practice sessions more productive and valuable than ever before.

The Live View Golf Digital Swing Mirror (DSM™) utilizes two old concepts with the latest technology to give players something that they can use inside, on the driving range or even on a trip to help improve their swing and keep all aspects of it in synch.

First of all, mirrors have been used by teachers and golf students for many years, as have video cameras.  But mirrors are bulky and fragile, certainly don’t record anything by themselves and aren’t something you are going to lug around in a golf bag. Video is available on your smartphone these days, but it has its limitations and certainly doesn’t match what the Live View Golf software can do.

The Live View camera is less than 4” high, 2½” wide and ¾” deep and comes in a handy carrying case that easily fits in a walking golf bag—or a pocket, while the optional LivPod flexible tripod stand for the camera is equally small but can be used to mount the camera on your golf bag, a door handle or even on top of a chair.  The camera also has a bracket so that it can be mounted on an alignment stake punched in the ground, if desired.  The optional wide-angle lens attachment opens even more possibilities, especially when practicing indoors and space is at a premium.

But for all the innovative design of the camera—the best part of Live View is the App–and what it can show you about your swing.  The camera can be paired with an iPhone or Android smartphone—or even better yet, an iPad or Kindle for a larger viewing surface.

With these in place, you can practice part of your swing while watching yourself (just like in a mirror) from any angle, record your swings (and even email them to an instructor) and watch your swing frame-by-frame with this excellent proprietary software.

According to Patrick Parrish, co-founder of Live View Golf and 30-year teaching veteran, the reason most golfers fail to break 100, 90, or 80 has nothing to do with a lack of knowledge. Instead, what most golfers lack is awareness of their own movements.  Because much of the golf swing happens behind a player’s back, it is almost impossible to know if the objective of making a particular swing is being met. In order to change a player’s swing, it is imperative to monitor each movement to ensure that the intended swing matches the actual swing. James Sieckmann, a Golf Magazine top 100/Golf Digest Top 50 Instructor and author of several golf instruction books, notes that “The fundamental problem in golf is the difference between what a player feels and what is real…” And one quick view with this program can show what needs to be corrected very quickly.

To bridge the gap between feel and real, a key learning tool for many elite players is the mirror. Because the feedback in a mirror is instantaneous, players can verify the real club position against their internal swing feel and make very fine distinctions as to what the intended swing position really feels like. This “real” feeling is what enables elite players to strike a ball correctly and consistently in actual play.

The app also provides additional benefits by transferring swing analysis tools back into the live video feed, thereby creating templates that make learning a new swing as simple as tracing lines and matching body positions. Live View Golf is a very portable solution to greatly accelerate swing changes by increasing body awareness during the swing. The app has Live Swing Guides that allow the player to draw plane lines or stationary posts that can be used in the live feed as precise reference for the intended swing. These swing guides can act as templates, making the learning process as simple as following and matching the lines.

Live View can help players stay in their posture since the viewing device places the view directly behind the strike zone so that the player does not loose posture to look back into a mirror. Because the camera can show the swing from any angle, it gives the player awareness over their movements from any angle while staying in posture.

“Live View Golf is a great tool for students to associate a feel with what they see and are working on with their coach,” said Dave Phillips, one of the founders of the Titleist Performance Institute and a Top 100 Teacher for Golf Magazine.

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