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One of the better golf practice tools is now much improved as the LiveView Golf Digital Swing Mirror (DSM™) now comes with a faster camera and more features that greatly enhance this teaching and practice tool that has become very popular over the past couple of years.

In the all-new LiveView-PLUS, the biggest advancement is the introduction of an improved camera that is noticeably faster and clearer than the original model. With 60 frame per-second video capture on the new camera, users can capture three times more frames for slow motion swing analysis over the LVG Classic edition. LiveView-PLUS integrates the latest WiFi technology using 802.11 BGN to reduce frame errors and ensure that more of your swing data is captured. This means more swing detail can be seen and analyzed during practice.

Company Founder Shane Yang and his team managed to add all these extra frames without reducing real-time performance as the video still maintains video delays under 0.5 seconds to ensure that what you see, and feel is real. Another great feature of the LiveView-PLUS is the built-in wide-angle optics that has reduced the minimum imaging distance to 9-feet in order capture 6.5-feet of vertical swing space, making it easier to use indoors or on the range in a hitting bay. With the optional wide-angle lens adapter, that distance can be reduced even further to less than 7-feet.

The LiveView-PLUS is also very handy like the original version to carry in your golf bag or pocket and sets up anywhere—at home, in a hotel room or on the range. It checks in at a small 3.8” high, 2.72” wide and 1.2” deep and comes with its own carrying case. It also works well with the optional LivPod flexible tripod stand that is equally small and can be used to mount the camera on a golf bag, a door handle or even on top of a chair.  The camera also has a bracket so that it can be mounted on an alignment stake punched in the ground, if desired.

The new LiveView-PLUS app that can be downloaded to IOS devices and Android also has some nice new features with instant replay of every swing that is automatic, making this training tool even more intuitive with its improved software.

The app also lets you do all kinds of nice swing analysis functions and transfer them back into the live video feed, with the ability to create templates to help with swing improvement. The app also has Live Swing Guides that allow the player to draw plane lines or stationary posts that can be used in the live feed as precise reference for the intended swing.

LiveView-PLUS Digital Swing Mirror is really an old concept utilizing new technology. Mirrors have been used by teachers and golf students for many years, as have video cameras.  But mirrors are bulky and don’t record anything by themselves and aren’t something you are going to lug around in a golf bag. Video is available on your smartphone these days, but it has its limitations and doesn’t match what the software can do. The beauty of this system is that you can practice your swing while watching yourself (just like in a mirror) from any angle, record your swings (and even email them to an instructor) and watch your swing frame-by-frame.

Because the feedback in this digital mirror is instantaneous, players can verify the real club position against their internal swing feel and make very fine distinctions as to what the intended swing position really feels like. This “real” feeling is what enables elite players to strike a ball correctly and consistently in actual play.

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