mēle is the New Instant Meal

Finding time to eat while juggling travel, work and golf schedules can be daunting in our every-more hectic world. A new solution to this dilemma, however, is even being tested on the PGA Tour and European Tours by one of its veteran stars—Ian Poulter—a star of recent European Ryder Cup teams who won just recently at the Houston Open.

A new, instant meal called mēle (pronounced meal) is being use by Poulter and is available world-wide to the public. mēle is a whole-food based, powder smoothie mix that is a perfectly balanced macro meal. This means you get the recommended fat to carb to protein ratio of eating a whole food meal, the ingredients are simply dried and in powder form and taste good.   It’s a new take on meal replacement to focus on whole-food nutrition in drink form. No longer do you have to drink smoothies loaded with sugar and carbs that leave you hungry later for other on-the-go healthy snacks.

It also makes for a great travel companion to keep you healthy on long flights and on the road when you need a quick fix. Statistically, 53% of Americans skip breakfast at least once per week.

Each mēle comes in a 4.5 Oz packet that can be carried in a travel or golf back very easily and can be mixed in under 30 seconds in a blending bottle. The ingredients primarily come from whole fruits, vegetables and grass-fed whey.  The fruits and vegetables are freeze dried and/or crushed to retain all their naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. All you must do is mix with water, or your favorite kind of milk for a quick meal.

Only grass-fed organic whey is used in mēle. Whey protein isolate contains 90% protein and is absorbed in the body better than any other source of protein—including eggs, chicken, beef and fish. This natural food replacement is quite tasty and fills you up for a good period of the day without giving you a bloated or over stuffed feeling.

Thus far, mēle comes in three flavors—raw berry, super green and cocoa-nut.

For more details on mēle, visit: www.meleshake.com.


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