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Golf software that tracks shots is among the newest technologies to help player performance, and the introduction of the Shot Scope V2 program takes this to a new level with its second-generation golf wearable that tracks everything—shots, club selection and distance for each club without having to use a cell phone with it or punching a button on each shot.

While most of the software on the market demands the use of a cell phone during the round, the V2 can be used with only the GPS watch as the tracking device.  The nice thing about Shot Scope is that there is an app to use on the cell phone if desired, but with some players not wanting to use them during the round (or a club may not allow them)—this device and its software can be used perfectly with only the watch—and then uploading all of the data onto a computer, phone or tablet after the round to study and show every shot on an overhead photo course map with all of the hazards, greens and tees clearly shown.  The only action required by the user is to tap the watch after each hole out.

Shot Scope’s in-house engineers have developed a product that meets the needs of the modern golfer while retaining the company’s trademark automatic club recognition technology and detailed performance statistics using a chip that easily plugs into the butt of every club.

The V2 has three modes to suit the golfer’s playing requirements, GPS; PRO; and GPS+TRACK; each mode has been designed for ultimate flexibility. In both GPS and GPS+TRACK modes, the LCD screen displays distances to the front, middle and back of the green from the golfer’s real-time position using SMART GPS.

Performance Tracking is activated in both PRO and GPS+TRACK modes. The watch works in the background to collect over 100 Tour-level statistics, broken down into five areas: clubs, tee shots, approaches, short game and putting. The watch has a battery life of 8 hours. Performance statistics of this caliber have previously only been available to Tour players. Graphs, statistical analysis and any information on your game is available on the program dashboard that manages all the golfer data.

The V2 uses Shot Scope’s proprietary course mapping data which is compiled, and quality checked by a team of elite golfers, and the company notes that every course in the world is available to download into the watch.

Shot Scope Technologies was founded in 2014 by CEO David Hunter. Hunter, a former electronics design engineer and secondary school teacher, invented the product in his house. Now a team of 17 based in Edinburg. The company has designed, engineered and manufactured the product in Scotland, bringing golf technology to The Home of Golf. The team also includes former Walker Cup player and ex-professional golfer, Gavin Dear.

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