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Tour Edge, the Batavia, Illinois company that has earned a reputation over the past 32 years for cutting edge game improvement golf clubs, recently introduced its latest line of user-friendly metal woods in the form of the Exotics EXS driver, fairways and hybrids that offer some exiting new features.

Futuristic technologies have been a trademark of Tour Edge President and Master Club Designer David Glod, and his latest creations not only feel and look good but perform at an extremely high level that translates into more distance and accuracy for players at all levels.

Take the new Exotics EXS driver, the flagship of the new lineup, that features the company’s Flight Tuning System (FTS), that includes 9-gram and 3-gram interchangeable weights, an adjustable hosel that allows for plus two or minus two degrees in loft, RollFace Technology for an expanded sweet spot, Dual Carbon Fiber placement for ideal weight distribution and a new and improved SlipStream™ Sole for faster clubhead speed.

“The EXS driver is absolutely loaded with technology,” said Glod. “This is the most technology we’ve ever been able to fit into a design and each one works in concert with one another to provide the best performing driver possible. The shapes are beautiful, and we utilized only the finest in materials and components. I believe that at the aggressive price point that we are offering, the EXS driver will have its highest impact on the driver market over any other previous Exotics release.”

This is a driver with a nice light feel that helps produce a smooth swing and has a solid feel at impact.  It also produces a noticeably higher swing speed than many other of the top-rated drivers on the market.

The EXS 460cc head features premium Japanese exotic metals; TSP 910 Beta Titanium face plate featuring Variable Face Thickness Technology and an 8-1-1 Titanium chassis. The TSP 910 Beta Titanium face has been made even thinner and lighter in the EXS over previous Exotics driver models to produce a greater spring-like effect.

Tour Edge R&D paired the superior TSP 910 Beta Titanium face plate with the exceptionally light Carbon Fiber Crown and with additional Carbon Fiber located on the toe of clubhead, allowing weight to be strategically repositioned lower and deeper in the head for optimal spin and creating an extremely high MOI. The Dual Carbon Fiber Technology also helped Tour Edge engineers to significantly improve the acoustics of the driver and enabled them to account for the gram weight of the FTS weights and the adjustable hosel.

The Flight Tuning System allows adjustable sole weights to be moved to two alternate settings; a 9-gram weight in the heel, 3-gram weight in the rear for lower spin, slice-reducing shape and a medium launch and then the 3-gram weight in the heel and 9-gram weight in the rear for medium spin, neutral shape and a higher launch. Additional weight screws can also be purchased as a kit.

The adjustable hosel allows the 9.5-degree EXS driver to go from 7.5 degrees to 11.5 degrees, while the 10.5-degree EXS driver will adjust from 8.5 degrees to 12.5 degrees. The adjustable hosel also features three upright lie angle settings, giving the EXS driver 16 different settings between the two FTS weights and the eight different loft and lie settings.

A new RollFace Technology incorporates modified bulge and roll on the toe to create straighter shots for shots hit off the toe, which is where most miss-hits with a driver are made. In conjunction with the sweet-spot enhancing Variable Face Thickness technology, the RollFace makes this the most forgiving driver face ever produced by Tour Edge.

The aerodynamics in the EXS driver are greatly enhanced by a more sloping crown and wider speed channels on the sole. The new, more tapered head profile also reduces aerodynamic drag. New wider speed channels on the SlipStream sole create an even faster clubhead speed and enhance the aerodynamics of the clubhead.

An ultra-premium Tensei CK Blue 2G shaft series by Mitsubishi Chemical is the stock shaft for the EXS driver.  Extremely light yet extremely stable throughout, the Tensei Blue CK features advanced materials like Carbon Fiber and Kevlar mixed with other lightweight materials that weigh in the 50-70-gram range, depending on flex.

The EXS fairway metals are loaded with the same technology, including

11-gram and 3-gram interchangeable weights, Cup Face Technology with Variable Face Thickness (VFT Technology) for an expanded sweet spot, multi-material usage of Carbon Fiber for ideal weight distribution and a new and improved SlipStream™ Sole for faster clubhead speed through the turf. These fairway metals are even longer than previous Tour Edge fairways and offer a nice boring trajectory—yet the ability to get the ball out of higher grass with ease. The CG location is positioned closer to the face for less spin, creating a trajectory that fights wind and increases roll.

“The EXS fairway metal is a beautiful and traditional pear shape that we’ve been able to combine with five different integrated technologies,” added Glod. “In fact, in the independent tests we’ve conducted, it’s going to provide a ton of distance gain and less dispersion to a wider variety of skill levels than ever before.”

The Tensei CK Blue 2G shaft series by Mitsubishi Chemical is the chosen stock shaft for the EXS fairway metal, and they are available in five different lofts; 13, 15 and 17 degree 3-woods, an 18 degree 5-wood and a 21 degree 7-wood. The 15 degree 3-wood is available in left handed.

The Exotics EXS hybrid also features an interchangeable sole weight, expanded sweet spot and a design to be more effective in the wind with less spin, which has made it a popular choice on the pro tours. The EXS hybrids became the fastest growing hybrid on the U.S. professional tours in 2018 and were in the bag for four victories on the PGA Tour Champions. Exotics staff players Bart Bryant, Tom Lehman and Scott McCarron all won with an Exotics hybrid in the bag in 2018. Over 250 Exotics clubs were put into play on the PGA Tours in 2018, according to the Darrell Survey.

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